Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Look has their new 586 MTB frame, seat post, & headset weights in at 2.5 lbs. Incredible! The 586 rides like it has suspension due to the E-Post witch comes in three elastomer densities(soft, medium, firm), and climbs like a goat. This frame is very easily able to build a sub 20 lbs.. race bike!
Look also came out with a womens specific road bike (585 ELLE). A new lighter 586 road frame. Look also came out with some new MTB pedals (Quarts), very light and looks like it will shed mod very well. I will have a pair on my MTB when they become available at the end of October. 20 years experience in carbon fiber all done by hand in Looks factory in France, no made in china like most companies bikes these days!

Kona Bicycles, What can I say that I have always said about them, one of the best full suspension bikes out there. Always leading the pack when it comes to riders needs and building a solid bike. The are the real deal of MTB's. Most of Kona's bikes come with a new swooping top tube for more rider clearance. New fresh colors that look great, more refinement in their quality of bikes and tweaking them just right. John Cowan and Paul Bass have new signature frames and look great! The Kona Gang is like family, what can I say, I own and ride 4 Kona bikes!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tinker (Cannodale Pro), April Lawyer (Down Hill Pro), Chris King (The Legend), Milette (My Wife), SRAM Swiss Chocolate Model, Hans Ray (Trials Legend), Leigh Donavon (MTB Cross Country Pro), Marzocchi model, Ritchie Slay (Free-Ride Pro), Phil Liggett (Tour De France & Cycling comentator), John Cowan (Free-Ride Pro), Paul Basagoitia (FreeRide Pro), Andreu & Louis Lacondeguy brothers (Kona Free-Ride Pros), Kirt Voreis (Down Hill Pro, Free-Ride Pro), Randy Spangler (Free-Ride Pro), Tre' Haydall (Wanna Be Pro)